Список консольных команд Doom 3:
aasStatsshows AAS stats
addarrowadds a debug arrow
addChatLineinternal use - core to game chat lines
addlineadds a debug line
aviCmdDemowrites AVIs for a command demo
aviDemoСохраняет демо вашей игры в виде avi файла
aviGamewrites AVIs for the current game
benchmarkИгровой тест
bindbinds a command to a key
bindRagdollbinds ragdoll at the current drag position
bindunbindtwobinds a key but unbinds it first if there are more than two binds
blinklineblinks a debug line
centerviewcenters the view
checkNewVersioncheck if a new version of the game is available
clearclears the console
clearLightsclears all lights
clientDropWeapondrop current weapon
clientMessageModeingame gui message mode
clientVoiceChatvoice chats: clientVoiceChat
clientVoiceChatTeamteam voice chats: clientVoiceChat
closeViewNotesclose the view showing any notes for this map
collisionModelInfoshows collision model info
combineCubeImagescombines six images for roq compression
compressDemocompresses a demo file
conDumpdumps the console text to a file
connectconnects to a server
crashcauses a crash
cvar_restartrestart the cvar system
damageapply damage to an entity
debuggerlaunches the Script Debugger
deleteSelecteddeletes selected entity
demoShotwrites a screenshot for a demo
devmaploads a map in developer mode
dirlists a folder
dirtreelists a folder with subfolders
disasmScriptdisassembles script
disconnectdisconnects from a game
dmapcompiles a map
echoprints text
editAFslaunches the in-game Articulated Figure Editor
editDeclslaunches the in-game Declaration Editor
editGUIslaunches the GUI Editor
editLightslaunches the in-game Light Editor
editorlaunches the level editor Radiant
editParticleslaunches the in-game Particle Editor
editPDAslaunches the in-game PDA Editor
editScriptslaunches the in-game Script Editor
editSoundslaunches the in-game Sound Editor
envshottakes an environment shot
errorcauses an error
execexecutes a config file
execMachineSpecexecs the appropriate config files and sets cvars based on com_machineSpec
exitexits the game
exitCmdDemoexits a command demo
exportmodelsexports models
finishBuildfinishes the build process
freezeЗаморозить все вокруг
game_memorydisplays game class info
gameErrorcauses a game error
gameKicksame as kick, but recognizes player names
getviewposprints the current view position
gfxInfoИнформация о видеокарте
givegives one or more items
give allПолучить все оружие и патроны
give keysПолучить все ключи
godРежим бога
heartbeatsend a heartbeat to the the master servers
helpshows help
hitchhitches the game
in_restartrestarts the input system
keepTestModelkeeps the last test model in the game
kickkick a client by connection number
killkills the player
killMonstersУбить всех монстров
killMoveablesremoves all moveables
killRagdollsremoves all ragdolls
LANScanscans LAN for servers
listActiveEntitieslists active game entities
listAFlists articulated figures
listAnimslists all animations
listAudioslists Audios
listBindslists key bindings
listClasseslists game classes
listCmdslists commands
listCollisionModelslists collision models
listCvarslists cvars
listDeclslists all decls
listDictKeyslists all keys used by dictionaries
listDictValueslists all values used by dictionaries
listEmailslists Emails
listEntitieslists game entities
listEntityDefslists entity defs
listFXlists FX systems
listGameCmdslists game commands
listGuislists guis
listHuffmanFrequencieslists decl text character frequencies
listImageslists images
listLineslists all debug lines
listMaterialslists materials
listModelDefslists model defs
listModelslists all models
listModeslists all video modes
listMonsterslists monsters
listParticleslists particle systems
listPDAslists PDAs
listRenderEntityDefslists the entity defs
listRendererCmdslists renderer commands
listRenderLightDefslists the light defs
listServerslists scanned servers
listSkinslists skins
listSoundCmdslists sound commands
listSoundDecoderslist active sound decoders
listSoundslists all sounds
listSoundShaderslists sound shaders
listSpawnArgslist the spawn args of an entity
listSystemCmdslists system commands
listTableslists tables
listThreadslists script threads
listToolCmdslists tool commands
listTypeInfolist type info
listVertexCachelists vertex cache
listVideoslists Videos
loadGameloads a game
localizeGuislocalize guis
localizeMapslocalize maps
makeAmbientMapmakes an ambient map
MakeMegaTextureprocesses giant images
maploads a map
memoryDumpcreates a memory dump
memoryDumpCompressedcreates a compressed memory dump
modulateLightsmodifies shader parms on all lights
nextAnimshows next animation on test model
nextFrameshows next animation frame on test model
nextGUIteleport the player to the next func_static with a gui
nextMaploads the next map on the server
noclipNo clip (прохождение сквозь стены)
parseprints tokenized string
pathlists search paths
playCmdDemoplays back a command demo
playDemoplays back a demo
playerModelsets the given model on the player
popLightremoves the last created light
prevAnimshows previous animation on test model
prevFrameshows previous animation frame on test model
printAFprints an articulated figure
printAudioprints an Video
printEmailprints an Email
printEntityDefprints an entity def
printFXprints an FX system
printMaterialprints a material
printModelprints model info
printModelDefsprints a model def
printParticleprints a particle system
printPDAprints an PDA
printSkinprints a skin
printSoundShaderprints a sound shader
printTableprints a table
printVideoprints a Audio
promptKeyprompt and sets the CD Key
quitВыйти из игры
rconsends remote console command to server
reconnectreconnect to the last server we tried to connect to
recordDemorecords a demo
recordViewNotesrecord the current view position with notes
reexportmodelsreexports models
regenerateWorldregenerates all interactions
reloadanimsreloads animations
reloadARBprogramsreloads ARB programs
reloadCgProgramsreloads CG programs
reloadDeclsreloads decls
reloadEnginereloads the engine down to including the file system
reloadGuisreloads guis
reloadImagesreloads images
reloadLanguagereload language dict
reloadModelsreloads models
reloadScriptreloads scripts
reloadSoundsreloads all sounds
reloadSurfacereloads the decl and images for selected surface
removeremoves an entity
removelineremoves a debug line
renderbumprenders a bump map
renderbumpFlatrenders a flat bump map
reportImageDuplicationchecks all referenced images for duplications
reportSurfaceAreaslists all used materials sorted by surface area
rescanSIinternal - rescan serverinfo cvars and tell game
resetresets a cvar
roqencodes a roq file
runAAScompiles an AAS file for a map
runAASDircompiles AAS files for all maps in a folder
runReachcalculates reachability for an AAS file
s_restartrestarts the sound system
saveGamesaves a game
saveLightssaves all lights to the .map file
saveMoveablessave all moveables to the .map file
saveParticlessaves all lights to the .map file
saveRagdollssave all ragdoll poses to the .map file
saveSelectedsaves the selected entity to the .map file
saytext chat
sayTeamteam text chat
screenshottakes a screenshot
scriptexecutes a line of script
serverForceReadyforce all players ready
serverInfoshows server info
serverMapRestartrestart the current game
serverNextMapchange to the next map
setsets a cvar
setasets a cvar and flags it as archive
setMachineSpecdetects system capabilities and sets com_machineSpec to appropriate value
setssets a cvar and flags it as server info
settsets a cvar and flags it as tool
setusets a cvar and flags it as user info
setviewpossets the current view position
showDictMemoryshows memory used by dictionaries
showInteractionMemoryshows memory used by interactions
showStringMemoryshows memory used by strings
showTriSurfMemoryshows memory used by triangle surfaces
showViewNotesshow any view notes for the current map, successive calls will cycle to the next note
sizeDownmakes the rendered view smaller
sizeUpmakes the rendered view larger
spawnspawns a game entity
spawnServerspawns a server
startBuildprepares to make a build
stopRecordingstops demo recording
takeViewNotestake notes about the current map from the current view
takeViewNotes2extended take view notes
teleportteleports the player to an entity location
testAnimtests an animation
testBlendtests animation blending
testBoneFxtests an FX system bound to a joint
testDamagetests a damage def
testDeathtests death
testFxtests an FX system
testGUItests a gui
testImagedisplays the given image centered on screen
testLighttests a light
testmaptests a map
testModeltests a model
testParticleStopTimetests particle stop time on a test model
testPointLighttests a point light
testSavewrites out a test savegame
testSaveGametest a save game for a level
testShaderParmsets a shaderParm on an existing testModel
testSIMDtest SIMD code
testSkintests a skin on an existing testModel
testSoundtests a sound
testVideodisplays the given cinematic
timeCmdDemotimes a command demo
timeDemotimes a demo
timeDemoQuittimes a demo and quits
toggletoggles a cvar
touchtouches a decl
touchFiletouches a file
touchFileListtouches a list of files
touchGuitouches a gui
touchModeltouches a model
triggertriggers an entity
unbindunbinds any command from a key
unbindallunbinds any commands from all keys
unbindRagdollunbinds the selected ragdoll
updateUIinternal - cause a sync down of game-modified userinfo
vid_restartrestarts renderSystem
vstrinserts the current value of a cvar as command text
waitdelays remaining buffered commands one or more frames
weaponSplatprojects a blood splat on the player weapon
whereprints the current view position
writeCmdDemowrites a command demo
writeConfigwrites a config file
writeGameStatewrite game state
writePrecachewrites precache commands