Doom Legacy Changelog

1.48.14 SVN1657 (2023-11-30)

FEATURES 1.48.14

BUG FIXES 1.48.14

1.48.12 SVN1642 (2022-11-30)

FEATURES 1.48.12

BUG FIXES 1.48.12

1.48.10 SVN1608 (2021-12-13)

FEATURES 1.48.10

BUG FIXES 1.48.10

1.48.8 SVN1568 (2020-12-19)


BUG FIXES 1.48.8

1.48.6 SVN1550 (2020-09-09)


BUG FIXES 1.48.6

1.48.4 SVN1531 (2020-05-16)

BUG FIXES 1.48.4

1.48.3 SVN1526 (2020-05-08)


BUG FIXES 1.48.3

1.48.2 SVN1518 (2020-04-25)

BUG FIXES 1.48.2

1.48.1 SVN1517 (2020-04-14)


BUG FIXES 1.48.1

1.47.2 SVN1400 (2018-07-12)


BUG FIXES 1.47.2

1.46.3 SVN1301 (2017-02-19)


BUG FIXES 1.46.3

1.46.2 SVN1287 (2016-12-18)


BUG FIXES 1.46.2

1.46.1 SVN1276 (2016-10-08)


BUG FIXES 1.46.1

1.45.2 SVN1139 (2014-09-14)


BUG FIXES 1.45.2

1.45.1 SVN1133 (2014-08-29)


BUG FIXES 1.45.1

1.45 SVN1107 (2014-5-2)



1.44 SVN1088 (2014-02-03)

FEATURES 1.44 alpha5

BUG FIXES 1.44 alpha5

FEATURES 1.44 alpha4

BUG FIXES 1.44, alpha4

FEATURES 1.44 alpha3

BUG FIXES 1.44 alpha3

FEATURES 1.44 alpha2

BUG FIXES 1.44 alpha2

FEATURES 1.44 alpha1

BUG FIXES 1.44 alpha1


1.43 Beta (2004-06-14)


This release was primarily for Mac OS X, but had some small fixes that were carried into 1.44.

1.42 (2004-04-18)


1.41 (2003-10-03)


1.40 (2002-09-21)


1.32 Beta 4 (2002-01-01)


1.32 Beta 3 (2001-08)

   Lot of fixes as usual for a beta.

     - Translucent 3D water and 3D floors in hardware mode
     - Coloured sector lighting in hardware mode
     - New corona code
     - Improved load level time in hardware mode
     - Show a status of level load in hardware mode
     - now legacy can load skin using sprite keywork (original spec)
     - Use Transform and lighting in OpenGl
     - draw full screen when status bar is not scaled in hardware
     - fixed heretic weapon height in opengl/glide
     - fixed conflicting sector type 4 (heretic/doom)
     - fixed moving hanging mobj on platform (heretic e2m5)
     - fixed error message while saving
     - fixed crash of e3m8 in heretic caused by object 56 badly handled
     - fixed crosshair not showed when joining multiplayer game
     - fixed file search in windows version, was causing problem in
       multiplayer game with additional files
     - fixed option "se" not drawed is some video modes
     - fixed map30 savegame crash
     - fixed commander keen dead not open door
     - fixed player reset between secrets levels of doom2
     - fixed problem of map29 not loading
     - fixed timelimit cvar problem in menu
     - fixed quoted badly handled in responce file

  Shipped with Launcher 1.4
     - handle e?m? map name in heretic mode
     - added direct 3d sound switch in setup panel
     - now launcher encloses wad string between quotes to send
       parameter to legacy. This allows space and special
       characters in wad files
     - option are now saved when legacy is started

   Was in beta 2 but no doc updated
     - fixed joystickfreelook cvar not working
     - added little menu cosmetic that tell when the serverlist
       is empty and fixed little problem of refresh
     - fixed (one more time) angle prediction
     - added posibility to change death message by dehacked scipt
       and fixed some ones
     - added gr_coronasize in the menu
     - fixed final cast not showed corectely
     - fixed some problem with heretic final episode stuffs
     - fixed reset of weapons on doom2 map07, map12 and map21 
     - fixed bug 427507 : doors no more turn corpse to giblet
     - fixed problem with load/save menu screen that screw up 
       the texture cache in glide, and display badly in opengl
     - fixed 3D floors crash in software
     - improved heretic support :
       - fixed network not working
       - fixed height of weapons on heretic 
       - fixed heretic invenory key handled in menu (bug 426338)
       - added native support of heretic1.wad

   Was in beta 1 but we forgot to mention it
     - removed main wad version checking
     - fixed cannot restart game after end of a episode

1.32 Beta 1 (2001-05-08)

   Added Heretic support it is already playable but still experimental
   see heretic note in legacy.txt for more

     - added gr_coronasize cvar this allow to adjust coronas size 
       to you screen size and your distance to the screen
     - fixed litle glide issues
     - fixed texturing problem in hardware mode with middle twosided texture
     - change the way legacy handle color in opengl/3dfx
       this allow better contrast
     - fixed little problem of backface culling of lights

   - SOUND
     - added support for 3D positional sound cards (now under Win32 only).
       See Legacy.txt for more details.

     - enable client angle prediction was removed from 1.31 by mistake
     - fixed some issues in network (game sometime lock)
     - implemented timeout detection and kick player if connection timeout

   - MISC
     - added cvar scalestatusbar so you can see it in original size 
       or scaled to your resolution
     - Win32: added -nodinput command line parameter (use standard Windows 
       mouse input instead of DirectInput) to resolve issues with some mouses
       under Win32 systems (like issues with mouse whell support under 
       Win95/WinNT 4.0)

     - joystick can be used for free look using joystickfreelook cvar
     - like in heretic now missile can now active weapons switches
     - suport heretic ambient sound

     - fixed little issue that allow to exitlevel even if allowexitlevel 
       cvar was set to false

   - Known bug (don't mail us about it !)
     - in 3dfx/opengl :
       - splat/bullet hole have serious problems
       - water don't show properly
       - there is white dots around some wall/floors/ceiling
       - the lighting is slow (mainly on slow 3d cards or low end PC)
       - missing polygone/textures one some levels 
         (need to be rebuild with new nodes builders like zennode or deepbsp)

1.31 (2000-12)

     - no more coronas for mancubus balls
     - added light for revenent fireball, lost soul and candle
     - fixed full transparency of torch 
     - make backface culling for lights
     - new menu option : create server and connect server
     - use masterserver to detect all server in the world !
     - added "internetserver" ,"masterserver" and "servername"
       to use in conjunction of new multplayer features 
       see console.txt for more
     - no more palette change in splitscreen
     - fixed issues with netgame and dehacked (it is now copyed automaticaly 
       like all wads)
     - deathmatch team-start-sectors can be created with normal deathmatch-
       starts in a sector. A sector/line-tag and a line with linedef-type
       1000-1031 prevents other teams from respawning there.
     - when solidcorpse is true you can smash it and turn it to giblets !
     - adjust buchholz for suicide.  
     - added FraggleScript scripting capability ! (as beta for now)
         Read the doc for more
     - added 3DFloors capability (as Beta for now)
         Read the doc for more

   - MISC
     - Legacy now detect free memory and allocate from 6 to 20 Mb
       The "-mb" option overwrite detection
     - remove limit of polygone pool
     - the STFB0 is now optinal in a skin replacement
     - allow use of joystick y axis for looking up/down just use mouselook cvar
     - added support of mouse wheel under WinNT
     - Support Dolby Surround sound (only for external decoder)
     - display #SECRETS and #MONSTERS on the overlay!  NOTE: add 'S' (secrets) 
       and 'E' (monsters) to the "overlay" cvar for seing them.

     - fixed crash with splat on two sided wall
     - fixed little issue for look up/down of splitscreen player with keyboard
     - fixed splitscreen variable with demoplayback
     - fixed player viewpoint when using F12
     - removed monsters steping
     - fixed random crash in OpenGl/Glide when load level
     - fixed minor stuff to increase compatibility with old wad
     - fixed death meassages issues : telefraged and when weapon change before
       the player die

1.30 (2000-08)

   - VIDEO
     - Thierry Van Elsuwe (aka Hurdler) ported to OpenGL our glide code
       so Legacy have now OpenGL support with some new OpenGL specific
       features like FOV "what you want" (zooming),...
     - improve glide support, fixed all texture problem and so one
     - fixed many splats problem so now is enabled in the code
     - Opengl/3Dfx added new features like coronas and dynamic lighting
       (unfinished),... added new cvar for this at the same time.
     - fullscreen and windowed mode under Linux or Windows+OpenGL
     - Join in game : now you can join the game without a restart of the
     - added automatic file copy through network
     - added seconde mouse support for splitscreen
       read the legacy.txt for more about it
     - added support for ipx under win32
     - now the engine wrape around level in deathmatch no more final screen
     - splitscreen variable can now be changed while in netgame

     - added -noresetplayer to map command
       use this option to keep your weapon and keys through a map change
       it is used internaly by the engine for usual map change
     - added allowturbo and allowexitlevel cvar
     - added splats cvar to enable/disable splats
     - added translucency cvar so slow cumputer can disable translucentcy
     - added controlperkey cvar this allow you to enable/desable
       more than one control per keys
     - added screenlink cvar so you can enable the color melt screen link
     - added gimme map

   - MISC
     - Boom compatibility, except BEX and lindef 260, Thanks to SoM
     - impoved Linux support (similar to win32 one)
     - Dos version can now use winsock 2.0 (default in Win98)
       Thanks to the libsocket team
     - enable color blend for screen translation (was in the original sources)
     - added video menu and move some option there
     - support mouse wheel in win32 version thanks to Dominique Leger
     - added joystick hat support under win32
     - improved launcher for windows version

     - fixed some serious network issues
     - fixed multiple dehacked don't load
     - fixed can take the chainsaw in doom1 or udoom with next/prev weapon key
     - fixed can't save when use -warp or +map
     - fixed timedemo work now more than one time
     - fixed cdvolume bounds in win32 version
     - translucency now use colormaps
     - and fixed some more tiny bugs

   - Known bug (don't mail us about it !)
     - in 3dfx/opengl :
       - splat/bullet hole have serious problems
       - water don't show properly
       - monsters/sprite have feet(head) in ground
       - there is white dots around some wall/floors/ceiling
       - the lighting is slow (mainly on slow 3d cards or low end PC)
       - the light of sector is not correct !
       - missing polygone/textures one some levels 
         (need to be rebuild with new nodes builders like zennode or deepbsp)

1.28 (1999-05-14)

     - no more compatibility problem with sound and graphics card
     - plays MIDI music through whatever MIDI output you have set
       (including software midi synthesizers like those of Yamaha)
     - uses TCP/IP network instead of IPX, allows internet play
     - includes a preview of the 3Dfx mode (that r_glide.dll file)

     - you can choose between software or 3Dfx accelerated mode
       in the Doom Legacy Launcher 'Setup' panel, without the
       launcher, use "-3dfx" on the command-line
     - 3Dfx mode is available through the r_glide.dll, you need
       the latest Glide 3 drivers from
     - fixed shooting with mouselook, note you can fire at 90 degree
       up and down, but he sprites will look 'flat'
     - you can now change resolution at run time through the video
       modes menu (F5), just like in software mode
     - uses external r_glide.dll file : this WILL be a feature,
       because it allows for future extensions with OpenGL,
       Direct3D, or even hi-color software modes

     - setup single and multiplayer games easily
     - add external wad files with file dialog
     - set your Preferred Weapons Order (tm) =)
     - easily switch between Doom1, Doom2 etc..
     - Demos section allows quick 'n easy playback of demos, the launcher
       saves the external files, and your comments into the demos!
     - forget about the command-line !

     - two player game on one computer!
     - within a multiplayer game, any computer can 'host' 2 players
       thus with 2 computers, you can have a 4 player game !
     - when playing back a demo, type in 'splitscreen 1' at the
       console to show 2 views at the same time

     - Legacy now uses TCP/IP (DOS version also supports IPX)
     - '-connect' auto-detects the server on a LAN (when computers
       are directly connected together)
     - the server passes the list of files added with '-file' to the
       clients (but clients MUST have the file)
       Note: the files on each computer must have the same date or
       Legacy will stop with a warning message, you can disable date
       checking with '-notime' cmd-line option

   - DEMOS
     - demos can be recorded by only one player in a network game
       (use "stopdemo" to stop recording without quitting the game)
     - "playdemospeed" console variable allows faster playback of demos

     - "addfile" and "map" commands can load skins while in game
     - "fastmonsters" : same as -fastparm parameter
     - "map" command enhanced :
        map <mapname[.wad]> [-skill <1..5>] [-monsters <0\1>]
        this allows to change skill and monsters at run time
        note : these two parameters are optional, if not specified the
               current value is used
     - "timelimit" allows server to set a time limit on a level
     - "chasecam" activates or desactivate the chase-cam mode
     - "cam_height","cam_dist", "cam_speed"  to customize the chase-cam

     - display KEYS on the overlay!  NOTE: MAKE SURE TO ADD 'K' TO
     - Next and Previous weapons controls added in 'Setup Controls' game menu
     - Legacy's 'true' water effect was enhanced with physics: press
       Jump button to swim up, or use mouselook, friction, gravity..

   - MISC
     - "-iwad xxx.wad" : you can keep all your original Doom versions
       in a single directory and choose which one to run with this switch
       (example: -iwad plutonia.wad)
     - "-file" searches for files recursively, starting at the directory
       where you run Doom Legacy, it will find files in any subdirectories
       THIS IS VERY USEFUL FOR MULTIPLAYER : for example, provided everyone
       has the 'hipafrag.wad' map, the server just types 'map hipafrag.wad'
       and all clients will load the map, even if they have placed the file
       in different directories
     - savegames enhanced (works better)

     - the DOS version supports both TCP/IP _AND_ IPX
       TCP/IP is used when you use the "-connect" or "-server" parameters
     - Joystick support enhanced, type "help use_joystick" at the console
       for more

   - FIXES
     - mouseaiming works better, and aim is now correct independently of the
       screen resolution
     - fixed crash when starting netgame in Cooperative and there are not 
       enough player starts
     - fixed many problems.. (ok, bugs) with 1.27 and 1.28 betas
     - fixed 1.9 original bug : demos get out of synch if you go into the menu
       while recording

     - Alt-Tab/Alt-Escape in windows with 3Dfx preview may crash
     - Sometimes video modes are not detected when you start Legacy WIN32 from
       a fullscreen DOS box, just use Doom Legacy Launcher, damnit !

   - AND...
     - documented version 1.27 changes! see below

1.27 (1998-12)

     - new in-game menus allows setting console options easily

     - "deathmatch" console variable : change deathmatch mode
       at any time!
       deathmatch 0 = cooperative
       deathmatch 3 = deathmatch 2 + weapon stay (dm1+dm2)
     - fixed problem where 2 or more skins would have the same
       name, made it impossible to browse all skins in the
       multiplayer menu.
     - "fraglimit" : go to intermission after limit of frags is
     - the DOS version should work better with modem
       (using HX8 or SERSETUP)
     - the DOS version supports TCP/IP using __Winsock 1.0__ ONLY
       See section [5-5] of the main documentation

     - pass console commands on the command-line using a "+"
       prefix, example:

           > legacy +color 7 +name "the killer"

     - human readable console variables, example:
          color red
          chasecam on

       instead of:
          color 4
          chasecam 1

       type "help <commandname>" to see possible values for each
       console variable, note the old system still works

     - "exitlevel" : ends level and goes to intermission, comes in
       handy when you get stuck in a level or you don't find the key
     - "bind" : attach console commands to a key, example:
          bind s "screenshot"
          bind h "sayteam help me guys!!"
     - "screenshot" command takes a screenshot, pssst: bind it
       or you will screenshot the console =)
     - "vid_ticrate" shows a graph of rendered frames timing
     - "save" command : saves game, works in multiplayer too
     - "load" command : load previously saved game, multiplayer too
     - "timedemo" : like -timedemo it will playback a demo as fast
       as possible to test the speed of the renderer
     - "map" and "addfile" commands now loads textures!
     - "sayteam" : sends a message only to your own team
     - added 3 new commands related to configuration :
       loadconfig   : load a previously saved config file
       saveconfig   : save the current config, you must give
                      an explicit file name
       changeconfig : switch to the config (saves current config, and
                      load another one)

     - supports 'multipatch' textures on any 2-sided wall !
     - 5 new linedef types for translucent walls : 201 to 205

   - FIXES
     - fixed 32 skins limit, would not check for the limit,
       and crash if more than 32 skins used. No more crash but
       the limit is still 32 skins.
     - fixed bug in the display of frag in intermission in teamskin
     - fixed map7 bug when the 2 last babyspider die at same time
       (original 1.9 bug)
     - fixed gamma max value
     - fixed final pic shows in doom1 and bunny scroll
     - fixed "got unknow netcmd 109" when changing player config
     - many, many bugfixes and internal changes.

1.25 (1998-08-25)

    NOTE! The chasecam key is now '/' slash on the keypad, and it
          is available only in '-devparm' mode.

    - SKINS !!! : a skin is basically a full sprite replacement
      for the player, with optional specific sounds (hurt, death,
      jump etc..) and optional status bar face to go with it.

      Skins are simple wad files, that can be added with '-file'
      on the command line, and you can have as many skins as you
      want into a wadfile, so prepare for skinspacks galore!

      With Doomatic (our deathmatch launcher), the copying of
      files to other players is automatic, so the skins are
      automatically copied to other players. Using your pre-
      ferred deathmatch launcher, just make sure everybody
      have the skins wads.

      Skins work in single player too, you can admire your skin
      while in chasecam mode (use '/' slash key on keypad while
      in -devparm mode).

    - TEAMPLAY and TEAMSKIN deathmatch modes : you know about
      teamplay, teamskin is like teamplay, but using skins to
      identify teams instead of the color. Of course the frag
      rankings and intermission are updated to show team scores.
      Plus, there's a 'teamdamage' console variable that allows
      to choose whether your team partners get hurt when you
      shoot'em or not. Quake's teamplay is Legacy's teamplay
      with 'teamdamage' at 0.

      Cool! 'teamdamage' also works in cooperative, so in
      cooperative you can choose whether you can hurt your
      coop partners or not.

      Like in Quake, the armor is always damaged in teamplay
      if you hurt your partners.

      When you are hurt by a partner, and teamdamage is off,
      you won't see blood and the screen won't go red.

    - NETWORK IMPROVED : the 'slow turn' seems to be fixed now.
      Even better, we can call this the 'angle-turn client
      prediction' as your view now moves _before_ the server
      receives it. As you move around the view quicly in multiplayer,
      it is now smoother, especially in higher resolutions.
      Please tell us how you feel the improvement!

    - viewheight : set the height of view, if you want to see what a Leprechaun
                   sees, just lower that! It's good to frag those giant marines
                   when you're a little teeny-weeny Leprechaun, heheheeee
    - skin,teamplay,teamdamage : for teamplay modes
    - frags,teamfrags : these shows the original Doom frag table, and also for
                        teams vs teams !
    - memfree,help : see what memory is used in Doom's heap, see how much physical
                     memory is left after you run Legacy.
    - addfile : completes 'map' command, loads external pwads at run time, currently
                able to load the sprites, sounds, musics, flats, and maps,... but
                not new textures (to do). Also to do is load the skins in pwads
                at run time.

    - 'hall of mirrors' removed (thanks to Demiurg and his cool rivbrid.wad which
      looks really nice)

    - visplanes limit increased (should be plenty) (thanks to Russel and his huge
      pract.wad that broke Legacy's 256 drawsegs and 256 visplanes with... up to
      896 drawsegs at once (2sided lines), and 380+ visplanes when flying above the
      map with 'IDFLY' !!!)

    - dehacked patches files with .DEH extension can be added
      after '-file', which makes it very easy to use patches
      with your usual deathmatch launcher (it doesn't have
      to know about the dehacked, then, and Doomatic will
      copy the dehacked patches automatically since it is
      part of the wad files).

    - end sequence (finale) fixed for higher resolutions
      (thanks Kege)

    - 'splash' sounds when walking and jumping in water

    - can't cheat anymore by jumping in dangerous fluids to
      avoid the damage as it does more damage now.
      This makes a lot of deathtag levels playable again
      with Legacy (as lava was used to prevent scoring unless
      you have got the 'steel boots' armor)

    - testing deathmatch maps alone using '-deathmatch -warp'
      didn't work in last version, now fixed

    - that horrible 'SIGSEGV' bug due to a faulty CD-library,

    - other little goodies you'll find yourself...

1.24 (1998-07-19)

    - added CD Audio music, along with console commands 'play','stop',
      'info', etc. CD Music volume is in the sounds menu (F4).

      Note: cd audio and midi music are separate, and can be active
            at the same time. This is useful if, like me, you have
            some 'ambiance sound' cd's like sounds of storm, rain..
            you can use it to add ambiance, while still listening to
            the midi music.

            Usually, you will want to turn either the music or CD
            audio volume to zero.

    - some minor changes in the network, we noticed a serious problem
      with FAST machines & SLOW network cards, seems to work fine now.
    - fixed the backspace problem in the chat
    - fixed problem with some playback of lmp version 1.20
    - warp parameter work again with doom1 and ultimate
    - fixed switch textures that didn't 'switch' in ultimate doom.
    - fixed stupid bug with the statusbar numbers not refreshing.
    - the 'map' console command now works in multiplayer.
    - blood sprite changed so it looks better when staying longer
    - bloodtime is now a network variable, the server sets it for
    - added gravity variable

1.23 (1998-07-17)

This version was a 'source release' for some projects, it was a work in progress, not released on the site.

1.22 (1998-06-05)

    - the slow turning left & right is fixed. Sorry we have forget to
      put the right code in the release.
    - added command "say" and "sayto". This fix chat problem.
    - word wraping in the console.
    - fixed problems with the new head up display.
    - fixed shift key problem.

1.21 (1998-05-25)

    - the slow turning left & right is fixed
    - playing back demos of the latest version, along with the support
      for v1.12 demos didn't work : fixed. If you happened to record
      demos and thought they didn't work, they will now playback cor-
      rectly as they were recorded properly.
    - now SERSETUP works.. but more work need to be done, especially
      testing it , so please mail us how it worked for U !!
      Check LEGACY.TXT section 5/6 for more.

    - fixed a nasty bug with getting the vesa extended modes. On some
      cards like Matrox Millenium it either showed less video modes,
      or didn't work at all.

    - fixed 'netgame' name used for savegames sometimes.
    - starting a game with more players than deathmatch starts will
      not crash anymore.. but some players will be spawned at the
      same point and will be stuck (yes it is a quickfix, this
      problem arises only at the very beginning of the game,
      usually there is always a dm start free)
    - the demons are opaque.. and the spectres translucent.
    - removed the "F***" word from fragging messages by request

1.20 Undocumented

    - Doom Legacy supports 64 deathmatch starts (the original game
      used up to 10 dmstarts)

    - height checks added for melee attacks: so monsters can't hit you
      if they are not on the same level, when using short range attacks.

    - when you are under Invisibility (blur sphere) and it is running out,
      you will switch between hi translucency and low translucency, and
      only when the invisibility is fully finished, you become opaque.

    - Supports FLATS and SPRITES in pwad, from the very old 'dmadds' pwads
      up to the latest dehacked patches using sprite renaming.

      See EDITING.TXT for more about using sprites/flats in pwad.

    - Can replace only some frames of a sprite in a pwad.

    - Sprites/Textures in a pwad are not supported at run-time using
      the map command, to do. Flats in pwad work at run-time.

    - the automap displays the right player colors

    - savegame buffer upped to 512kb

    - supports multiple dehacked eg: -dehacked one.deh two.deh three.deh

    - supports DIGMID (digital midi) using the sound.cfg

1.20 (1998-05-19)


    - Added the Doom Console! Enter commands and change game var-
      iables at any time! If you are not used to it, the console
      will allow you to be a 'Doom power user' ! We have worked
      a lot on the console itself, and have implemented a basic
      set of commands and variables. In the future we will be
      able to add any kind of commands easily. Any command or
      variable that you'd like? We are open to suggestions.

      Check the console section for more about all the commands

    - Finally improved and fixed the translucency on sprites:
      - the spectres (pink like demons) are really hard to see
      - translucency on torches is now correct, only the flame
        part is translucent
      - most projectiles are now brighter : the translucency
        used to diminish the colours intensity, now they look
        as bright as the original game
      - each sprite, and each frame can use a different trans-
        lucency eg: the bullet puffs are more translucent than
        the fireballs, the plasma bullets gets more translucent
        as they disappear
      - the blur sphere will make you as translucent as the
        pink demons, which means very hard to see! So the blur
        sphere item will probably become a strategic weapon!

    - Totally rewritten the network code of Doom : the method
      is now a very basic implementation of Client/Server. It uses
      less transfer, and allow up to 32 players simultaneously.
      Actually there is one drawback : you have to be sure that
      the server is fast enough, and doesn't slowdown, because
      if the server slows down, everybody in the game experience
      the 'lag'.

    - We have cleaned up the intermission screen with the death-
      match scores. It displays now several kinds of rankings,
      including the death rankings :) See Section [5-9] of the
      main documentation.

      We will document these scoring modes better in the future.
      Please note that this was quickly added: we can add any type
      of scoring system provided it's interesting enough, and
      funny :)

    - The deathmatch rankings are now automatically displayed when
      you are dead, until you respawn.

    - When playing back a demo, it tells the name of the player
      you are looking at when pressing F12. It is also displayed
      white in the deathmatch rankings. When you are actually
      playing, it is always YOUR name that is displayed white in
      the deathmatch rankings.

    - The old sky textures are stretched and displayed right. It
      doesn't look great, but that's better than nothing.
    - The jump key is no more repeatable. If you keep it pressed,
      the marine will jump only once.
    - Restored the sound caching system: if soundprecache is set
      to false, it will not load all the sounds at startup, but
      only when needed.
    - Restored the original game title screen, since there is now
      the Doom Legacy logo at the game startup screen. Phew! I'm
      happy to see that great titlepic of Doom1 back!

    - Items under crushing sectors that could not be picked up is
      fixed. A ridiculous test == should have been <=, arh!
      Fixed the crushing ceilings that didn't crush too.
    - The game can now be started in standard VGA 320*200 on
      older non-vesa graphic cards.
    - Fixed an important bug with memory usage under Windows and
      OS2 systems, please tell is if it works under WinNT !
      We have tested it under OS2 and it works now perfectly!
    - Fixed Win95 asking for 'switch to DOS mode'.

 In development:
    - Started working on hicolor : the engine will use HICOLOR
      textures, instead of simply converting the 256color graphics
      to hicolor.

    - The console border graphics, and the loading screen picture
      were done in a hurry, I have to finish them.

    - Finish that damn water, arh! We have to make a simple editor
      for this. The tools will be developed under Windows.

1.12 (1998-03-06)

 As you can see, we've taken some time to write a better docu-
 mentation, we hope you'll appreciate, and read the full doc
 before sending us reports about bugs/trouble shooting.

    - You can now shoot up and down, in the free look direction!
    - You can shoot the ceiling and the floor, and see the puffs
      of smoke.
    - Doom didnt draw the puffs of smoke when shooting on some
      walls in open areas, this is now fixed!
    - Autoaim on/off. When autoaim is off, you can still use the
      freelook to shoot up and down, but only when there's nothing
      to aim in front of you.
    - Crosshair preference : Off, Cross, Angle, or Point. It's drawn
      a little translucent too.
    - Added jump ability, key mappable in the menu of course.
    - Can walk under and over monsters/inanimate objects.
      All Doom things (sprites) are now collision-checked in real 3d,
      thus things can stay on top of other things, monsters and player
      avatar can walk/fly over stacked things and so on...
      Eg: we've tested a 'solid corpse' feature and all the corpses
      were stacking one on another in maps with lots of ennemies!
    - Added transparency on other sprites, as requested : arachno,
      barons, caco and mancubus projectiles, the lost soul, blood
      'puffs', eye in symbol, demon (big boss) spawn fire.

    - You can now frag with the barrels!!! For the frag artists out
      there, now you're rewarded by your talent! Let me explain:
      when you shoot a barrel, and then later one or more guys die
      by the explosion of the barrels, you get the frags!!! This
      works like dominoes too : whatever number of barrels they are,
      they all know who caused the first explosion! Now there should
      be a special deathmatch mode with respawning barrels :) !!!
    - Fixed a bug that MAY have caused some 'consistancy failures'
      with more than 4 players (the more players, the more this bug

    - Demos now record the mouse look, change of color, change of
      name, and the messages (talk key) when multiplayer!!
    - Demos now record the timer, so you don't need to set -timer
      when you playback the demo.
    - Demos are somewhat 'compressed' and takes less space.
    - Fixed demos not being recorded when you exited using F10 key.
    - The 'q' key no longer ends a demo recording. Too many times
      someones presses this key by error. Now use 'F10' to end a
      demo (or quit from the menu).
    - Older demos may not run well. We don't like putting a lot of
      dirty code for the sake of backward compatibility. Especially
      now with the mouse aiming, old demos just look crap! They're
      always looking straight ahead! Anyway, before sending your
      bug reports : we're trying all we can to keep the compatibilty,
      we know a lot of old demos don't playback well now... we're
      trying to fix that. For now, just keep your old exes to play
      your old demos!
    - Fixed a bug with demos not recording the right name for the
      Deathmatch Rankings.
    - Demos doesn't record pause now.

 New mappable controls (Setup Controls menu):

    The Setup Controls menu has been reworked. It now accepts a lot
    more combinations. eg: you can now 'Backward' and 'Use' with one

    - Weapon Keys !!! Map your preferred weapons to easily accessible
    - Deathmatch Rankings (it was stuck to 'f', now mappable)
    - Talk key (used to be 't') now mappable.
    - F11 : gamma key is back, I removed the key when I put the gamma
      in the menu, but then I could have let the key. I restored it.
    - Jump key, everybody on da plasma at map01!

 Menus keys remapped:
    - F5 (used to be lowdetail) : since lowdetail is no more useful,
      this key activates the Video Options menu.
    - F7 (used to be endgame) : now calls the main Options menu.

    - Added joystick support : useless but demanded... so there you
      have it, and since we don't do it half : you have support
      for the 'hat' plus 6 joystick buttons. Check the 'Joystick
      Support' section for more.
    - Removed the translucency from 2sided walls. There still need
      to do an 'editing' support for this, so that new-made levels
      can use in progress.
    - As requested, a '-fuzzy' parameter disables the translucency
      and restores the old spectre 'fuzz' effect. Hey! We DO KNOW
      that translucency is too low on the spectres (ie: too much
      visible), but that's another problem! As we have tested, the
      spectres look MUCH better with a high translucency than with
      the old fuzz effect...
    - Can now use keypad arrows in the menu, as requested.
    - A new cheat to fly around levels, this is NOT FOR MUTLIPLAYER.
      Don't mail us to know about it, we won't tell you!!!
    - Added 'crunchy' sound when a sector crushes a dead corpse :)
    - Restored the ENDOOM screen ('beg' end screen).
    - Ctrl-C no longer interrupts the game, as requested, now use
      Ctrl-Break to cleanly exit at any time.

    - Fixed autodetection of Ultimate Doom, however it stills shows
      'Doom Registered Startup' on the title bar.
    - Some new features like rocket trails were disabled when playing
      back an old demo, but wasn't restored when starting a new game.
      Fixed. (this was a problem with in-game demo sequences)
    - Fixed the problem with people having 'detaillevel 1' in their
      default.cfg. The game exited with an error message.
    - Fixed the messages was offset a little in some resolutions.
    - Fixed the config not saved when playing back or recording
      a demo.
    - Fixed the 'RROCK17' texture not found with Doom1/Doom Ultimate.
    - Fixed a bug with 'french' keymap used when it should not. Now
      use it only for the french version, so you have 'qwerty' keymap
      when entering messages, American people happy?
    - Some other boooring little bugs crushed with our mighty feet.

 In development:
    - Transparent water in development (test it at map30)
      this is unfinished and given as a 'preview shot', if you
      like/dislike please mail us!! We think that it looks
      much better than Quake2's transparent water. If you dont
      think so, mail us, but then please read first the


      To see it, with Doom2, go at map30. Right now, its slower
      than it could be so don't look at the speed, it will be
      done a faster way later.. just wanted to do a fast preview
      so that you can tell us what you think about it!!

      Still to do : all kinds of sounds when walking/jumping into
      water, new colors when underwater, different sound when
      under water, new sprites when shooting into water and so on...

    - Chase cam! Use the 'c' key when in '-devparm' mode to test
      this. Remember: its just a quick addition, unfinished.
      Anyway real cool to look at demos with this.

    - Solid corpses : corpses stack one on another. This will be
      implemented as a multiplayer option for fun deathmatches.


      For now, you can test it with the -solidcorpse option.

      Consider this as a quick way to see the new walk over/under

      New problems arise in this mode, sometimes you're blocked
      by corpses, and there should be a way to clear out the path!

    - Better things-on-top-of-things handling : if you walk over
      a monster and the monster moves, you should move with it.
      That's not implemented right now: if the monster move,
      you fall.

    - Some kind of detection of the old skys, disabling the sky
      from moving when mouse looking or something like that...

1.11 (1998-02-14)

    - Full support SVGA : can switch to any VESA2 mode with the good
      aspect ratio, can switch video mode in the menu, save video mode
      in default config
    - We have added - Transparence - , better say 'translucency', which
      replace the old 'partial invisibility' effect. A selection of
      objects are now transparent : BFG and Plasma balls, monsters fireball,
      bullet puff, ...
    - Full setup controls from the game menu, much better than 'setup',
      now you can assign any 'control' to any key/mousebutton or joybutton.
      Assign mouse and keys to anything.
    - Free look : look up and down like Heretic (mouse supported).
    - Multiplayer menu: choose your preferred color and enter your name.
      The name of the players are displayed in the deathmatch rankings,
      and also when receiving messages. You can change your color at any
      time while playing a net game (your name too)!

 Mutliplayers News
    - We have added support for 8 player. We could not test it much, but
      it seems to work fine now.
      Test it, and send us a report if it run great. Thanks.
      However you'll need a deathmatch launcher which supports more
      than 4 players... why not try our great launcher called 'Doomatic'?
    - We have added 7 'deathmatch' colors (for a total 11 colors).
    - We have added 'preferred weapons order'. However we didn't finish
      it at the time you read this, so its not configurable in the menu
      right now , but you can edit the default.cfg (hint)

 Compatibility support
    - can load demos of doom v1.9, some new additions are automatically
      disabled when playing back older demos so that they run fine.
    - Support dehacked patches : use -dehacked <filename.deh>
      If you like superweapons patches, and the like, it should work
      no problem with our support. The difference is that now you don't
      need  to patch the exe.

 Minor news
    - play demos from any directory (eg: -playdemo demos\cooldemo)
    - show player's statusbar and hear player's sounds when changing the
      viewpoint while looking at a demo (F12)
    - autorun toggle (menu)
    - mouselook toggle (menu)
    - mouselook y sensitivity (menu)
    - invert mouse for mouselook (menu)
    - Load MIDI file in wad (autodetect if is MUS or MID)
      This one is for you wad creators : just insert a MID as a raw
      file in place of a 'D_XXXX' resource and it works.
    - Some network optimisations (but run only with doomatic).

 Know bugs:
    - Yes, there's transparency on 2sided walls, but be reassured, this
      is a simple 'quicktest' feature, to see what it looks like,
      we've left it until the next version so that you can see it.
    - When a 'marine' is translucent (pickup blur sphere), it looks
      like a green marine... instead of using the player color. todo..
    - You'll have only access to 320x200 video mode, if you don't run
      a VESA2 driver (we don't support mode-X VGA 'tweaked' modes...)
      UNIVBE is recommended, you can use S3VBE20 (freeware) if you have
      an S3 card..
    - automap is not aspect ratio correct in modes like 320x400
    - the intermission screen might display garbage or even crash the game,
      when playing more than 4 players
    - if you use Doomatic : we added the name and preferred colors in
      Doomatic, at that time doom sources were not released... but now
      that we have added name and color in Doom LEGACY, these settings in
      Doomatic don't have effect
    - no win95 specific code, we might do a simple support for win95,
      eg: a setup/launcher program. If you really need something for w95,
      try to convince us!!
    - no waitvbl (no pageflipping)