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За что мы боремся? Запустите мне Doom
Demons From Hell
Doom II Remix
Yea The Terminator Is Back

Verse 1
My once ordinary life changed one day
When Demons arrived and I was there prey
I pulled out my plasma rifle and killed everything I saw
But everytime I killed some there was some more
Seargents and gunners firing from all directions
And tried to use any walls as protection
I then heard the groan of a evil Hell Knight
So tried to stay in the shadows and keep out of sight
I looked in the corner of my eye
To see hundreds of Cacodemons starting to fly
I pulled out my rocket launcher and shot them in the head
And all of those red suckers were dead

New enemies have made there presence here
All humans in the area you better beware.
Hear the deadly evil monsters begin to yell
Cause your messin with the dark demons from hell

A war will start and you will meet your doom
They will take then over planet Earth soon
You can tell there here by there stinky smell
Cause your messin with the dark demons from hell

Verse 2
You then hear the sound of an iron shoe
The Cyberdemon is coming after you
For a slight second the demon suddenly freezes
This is your chance to blow him to pieces
He disintegrates into a lake of blood
Which begins to rise up like a huge flood
But the battle has not yet been won
You see Arch Viles beginning to run
There hands raise up creating a burning flame
Dont stand there are you insane
Do you want to feel the pain
You hide and creep hoping to survive
Wondering if you will make it out of here alive
You see all the corpses of the demons that died
And see them once again being revived
You stand and ask god for the power
To send these demons into a blood shower

Verse 3
You fire every bullet you have in your gun
Hoping the end of the demons will finally come
You blast everything from the imp to the baron
With blood as high as the huge Grand Canyon

You see in the distance the Monster Spawner
So you then pull out your rocket launcher
And fire three rockets into its brain
And blood falls from the sky like it was rain
Every demon then suddenly begins to die
As your hear there painful groan and cry
You become a hero to the human race
And you and your people begin to praise

DOOM II REMIX!!!!!!!!!

Автор текста: Terminator
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